Registrar's Office


Danine Barone-Pelt

Danine Barone-Pelt


CMHS Registrar's Office will be closed for Summer Break 2024: Sat. June 22nd - Sun. July 28th.

Tel: 719.475.6155 x1016
Fax: 719-630-4112

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CMHS Curriculum & Registration Guide

Provides information regarding academic policy guidelines, graduation requirements, course details, and more.


New Enrollment

(Cheyenne Mountain School District Central Enrollment)

How to Enroll

CMHS Exchange Student Guidelines

Exchange Student, CMSD12 Board Policy: CMSD 12 Foreign Exchange Students Policy.pdf

It is mandatory that a contract is completed between the approved agency and Cheyenne Mountain High School no later than June 10th and the official enrollment be completed at the District 12 Central Administration Office no later than July 15th. Cheyenne Mountain High School will not accept exchange students for mid-year enrollment.

Educational Requests



Student's full name

Date of Birth

Year of Graduation or last year attended CMHS

Signed Release Form

Please fax all requests to 719-630-4112.


Active CMHS Student Transcripts


CMSD12 does not replace or provide copies of high school diplomas. Please click on the above link for Graduates & Former Students to submit a Transcript Request. During the 2024 Summer Break only electronic official transcript pdf.s are processed, thank you.


If a student chooses to take a course outside of the Cheyenne Mountain School District, the courses must be pre-approved by Administration and be taken from an Accredited Program. Once the pre-approved course is complete, students must request to have their official transcript mailed directly to the Registrar here at the high school. Transcripts faxed or sent as an electronically secured pdf email will be used as a reference until the live document is received. Official transcripts are signed and stamped hard copies. Have the official transcripts mailed directly to the high school. All official transcripts must be received by the 2nd Friday in May to be used for the current school year. 

Official transcripts can be submitted in-person or via US mail. Below is the address to have it mailed to:

Cheyenne Mountain High School

Attn: Registrar

1200 Cresta Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Student Withdrawal

A parent/guardian must email the Registrar to begin the student withdrawal form process. The email must include your student's full name, date of birth, and new school information. During the school year the student is required to pick up their student withdrawal form and is responsible for ensuring that they have their withdrawal (in-progress) grades printout signed by their teachers. This document will contain the student's grades at the time of withdrawal and will be furnished to the next school.

The parent/guardian must provide the name and address of the next school the student will attend. A Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance will be sent to the next school as required by the Colorado Department of Education.


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