Registrar's Office


Danine Barone-Pelt

Danine Barone-Pelt


Tel: 719.475.6155 x1016
Fax: 719-630-4112

CMHS Curriculum & Registration Guide

Provides information regarding academic policy guidelines, graduation requirements, course details, and more.

2022-23 GUIDE

NEW 2023-24 GUIDE

New Enrollment

(Cheyenne Mountain School District Central Enrollment)


Education Verification

For graduation verifications/background checks, please FAX w/required signed release to 719-630-4112.

Student Withdrawal

A parent/guardian must come to CMHS to sign a student withdrawal form to begin the process. The student is responsible for ensuring that they have their withdrawal (in-progress) grades printout signed by their teachers. This document will contain the student's grades at the time of withdrawal and will be furnished to the next school.

The parent/guardian must provide the name and address of the next school the student will attend. A Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance will be sent to the next school as required by the Colorado Department of Education.


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