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The Attendance Office is always ready to help parents and students. Answers to general questions are below, and the Attendance Office can be reached by calling their direct line: 719-630-4110. The attendance line is automated, so messages may be left at any time of the day or night.

If my student is late to school in the morning, how and when do I excuse him or her?

If a student is less than 10 minutes late to class in the morning, please do not call the attendance office (unless they have come from an appointment). The student should proceed directly to class. If a student will be more than 10 minutes late to class and needs to be excused due to an appointment or other legitimate conflict, then parents should call the Attendance Office.

My student has a doctor's appointment that will require dismissal for part of a school day. What do I need to do?

If a student will miss part of a school day, parents must call at least a few hours ahead on the day of (or day prior to) the appointment or have their student deliver a note to the Attendance Office before school begins. This way, students will be ready to leave on time and will have a permit to leave class and the building. Parents cannot expect students to be ready to leave in a timely manner if no advance warning is given. If a student needs to leave between classes, no pass to leave will be issued. Those students sign out at the attendance office.

My student is a Freshman or Sophomore. May he or she check out on their own during lunch?

Freshmen and Sophomores may not leave on their own during lunch. If a Freshman or Sophomore student needs to leave during either lunch period (11:20AM - 1:10PM), then parents must sign them out at the Attendance Office.

May I excuse my student from school while he/she is still on campus?

No. Students are required to be in attendance in class if they are on campus. Other than class, the only place students may be excused while on campus is if they are officially checked into either the Nurse's Office or the Counseling Office.


All attendance policies can be found in the student handbook, and printed in the front of each student planner. These policies are in accord with the Colorado School Attendance Law (C.R.S. 22-33-104).

What constitutes an excused absence?

  1. Temporary illness or injury, or an absence approved by a school administrator (doctorʼs appointments, field trips, prearranged absences, athletic events, etc.)
  2. Absences for an extended period of time due to physical, emotional, or mental disability
  3. In the custody of a court or law enforcement authority

If an absence does not fall into one of these categories, it will be considered unexcused.

Such things as having car trouble, sleeping late, studying, finishing assignments in the library, babysitting, or running errands are not considered legitimate reasons to miss class.

Students may not be excused by a parent for being absent from class while on campus unless they are officially checked into the Counseling Office or the Nurse's Office.

What are the possible consequences for unexcused absences?

  • Community Service
  • Saturday School
  • Out-of-School Suspension
  • Expulsion


The Athletic Office is located inside the Cafeteria, and can be reached by calling the direct line: 719-630-4115

What paperwork must be submitted in order for a student to play a sport?

Before students may try out for a sport, all of the following requirements must be met:

  • Complete the Athletic Form
  • The student athletic fee ($100) must be paid in the Athletic Office
  • Make sure paperwork is completed by the appropriate due date (see the Athletic Handbook)

Once all paperwork is turned in and the Athletic Fee is paid, students will be issued an "Orange" card that is turned in to the coach, indicating they have met the requirements to try-out and/or start practicing.

What if a student is cut from a team before the season starts?

A refund of the $100 Athletic Fee will be handled as follows:

  1. if an athlete is cut from a team or injured prior to the first scrimmage or game, a full 100% refund will be given.
  2. If an athlete quits a team prior to the first game or scrimmage, a 50% refund will be given.
  3. After the first game or scrimmage, no refund of the athletic fee will be given.

What if a student will be late to/miss a practice or game?

Please contact your coach directly. Check the main Athletics Information page for links to each team's website.

How can I keep up with game schedules?

The Athletics Calendar page of our website details all athletic event dates and times.

Where and how can I check to see if a practice/game is canceled due to weather or other causes?

All cancellations will be posted on the Athletics Calendar page and at the top of the main Athletics Page under Athletics News.

Various announcements regarding CMHS Athletics will also me made via twitter. Follow @CMTNAthletics

Will physical examinations be offered at the school?

An announcement about physical exams, offered at the school in August before school starts, will be posted on the main Athletics Information page over the summer. There is also a flyer posted on the main athletics page.

What if a student need transportation to an event other than that provided by the school?

Download the appropriate travel form for either student riding with own parents or student riding with own parents.


All discipline policies can be found in the student handbook, linked above and printed in the front of each student planner.

What are the possible consequences of student misbehavior?

Consequences depend upon the infraction and include the following possible options:

  1. Community Service
  2. Saturday School
  3. Out-of-School Suspension
  4. Expulsion
  5. Colorado Springs Police Department ticket for criminal behavior


All parking regulations may be found in the student handbook, linked above and printed in the front of each student planner.

How does my student get permission to park on campus?

Students are allowed to park on campus once the following criteria have been met:

  • Students must have a current, valid driver's license and current, valid registration for the vehicle they wish to park on campus.
  • Students must fill out the CMHS Parking Permit Form.
  • Turn in the Parking Permit Form along with the registration fee ($50 as of the beginning of 2011-12 school year) at the Security Office.

What are the parking lot regulations?

Students are expected to follow all rules of the parking lot and they are to park in the designated student parking areas only. Students are also expected to exhibit common courtesy to other drivers in the parking lot at all times. Students must obey all traffic signs, follow the 10 MPH speed limit and, possess a valid driver's license and insurance.

What are the consequences of not following parking lot regulations?

Violations of parking lot policies can result in a ticket and/or fine being assigned by the Colorado Springs Police Department, parking privileges being revoked, keys being impounded during the school day, disabling the vehicle with a parking boot, or the vehicle being towed at the operator's expense. Unsafe operation of a vehicle will result in similar consequences along with a report being filed with the police.

  • First violation: Student will receive a warning.
  • Second violation: Student parking privileges will be suspended for twenty (20) school days.
  • Third violation: Student parking privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the school year. Parking on campus while privileges have been revoked will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

Are student vehicles subject to search?

Student vehicles are subject to search when the administration has reasonable suspicion to believe that the vehicle may contain substances or devices in violation of school policies. When school officials establish reasonable suspicion that a student is or may be involved in behavior that violates aw or school policies, and that student has a vehicle parked on campus, the student's vehicle may be searched.

The search will be conducted with the student present and at least two school administrators or their designees present. The school administrators may ask for the assistance of the SRO or a member of the CMHS security team if necessary.

Any items discovered in a vehicle that may be considered "dangerous weapons" or "reasonable facsimile may result in suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion from school.

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