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What is an ICAP?

What is an ICAP?

The elements and activities included in a student's ICAP portfolio help a student link the student's interests, current choices and achievements to his/her future opportunities in higher education and the world of work.  The activities within the student's ICAP portfolio are designed to help the student identify personal strengths using career and interest surveys; explore careers through volunteering and extracurricular activities as well as create opportunities through high school courses for post-secondary education and training.

ICAP data will be stored, accessed and viewed in Naviance Student, Infinite Campus (Parent Portal) and the College Services and Counseling Services web pages on the Cheyenne Mountain High School website.

ICAP Data:

  • Four-year academic plan (Naviance Student)
  • ICAP Goals and Yearly Benchmarks (Naviance Student)
  • Transcript (Parent Portal)
  • Standardized Test Scores (Naviance Student)

ICAP Related Data:

  • Interest Survey Results (Naviance Student)
  • Career Interest Survey Results (Naviance Student)
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Information (Naviance Student)
  • Post-secondary Documentation (Parent Portal)
  • Record of student's college and post-secondary applications (Naviance Student)
  • Record of student's progress toward securing scholarships and financial aid (Naviance Student)