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The ICAP Village

The ICAP Village

It takes a village to support students in the creation of their Individual Career and Academic Plans.  It is a "village effort."  Many people contribute to students' efforts to develop a meaningful and relevant post-secondary plan.

Students are the most important members of the ICAP village.  Students who are active and accountable participants in the direction and development of their Individual Career and Academic Plans will benefit the most from their plans.

Parents and guardians are the primary advocates for their students' participation in their Individual Career and Academic Plans.  The support, insights and encouragement that parents and guardians provide to their students as they develop their Individual Career and Academic Plans is invaluable to the success and efficacy of their students' plans.

School-based ICAP village members include:

  • Building Administrators (principals and assistant principals) who are leaders of post-secondary planning;
  • Secondary School Staff (especially teachers) who promote informed post-secondary opportunities; and
  • School Counselors who are specialists in the healthy career, academic and social/emotional development of high school students.

The community at large can also be a valuable member of the ICAP village, by promoting opportunities for students in the area of career exploration through internships, community service, and employment.