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ICAP Curriculum

ICAP Curriculum

Students are encouraged to use the elements, data, and activities that comprise the ICAP portfolio to set SMART goals for the present and the future.  Simple, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, Timely goals help students make their dreams come true and create satisfying and rewarding futures.  The more students learn about themselves--their interests, strengths, skills--and use this self-knowledge in their research of careers the more successful they will be in relating their current education to their futures in the world of work.

ICAP Curriculum


  • Introduction to the ICAP process

Four-Year Academic Planning

  • Create a four-year academic plan

Credit Audits

  • CMHS Graduation Requirements
  • HEAR Coursework Requirements

Goal Setting

  • Write one extracurricular short-term goal each year
  • Write one academic short-term goal each year
  • Write one post-secondary goal each year
  • Review extracurricular, academic and post-secondary goals once a year

Family Connection

  • Introduction to Naviance Student 
  • Log in to Naviance Student  account
  • Complete Do What You Are Inventory
  • Complete Career Interest Inventory
  • Identify a Top Career Cluster
  • Resume Builder

Standardized Tests

  • Create a Testing Time Line
  • PLAN
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • AP
  • How to research college test requirements
  • Requesting Official Test Scores
  • Score Choice
  • Super Score?  Best Scores?  Test Optional?

Creating a List of Multiple Right Colleges

  • Search for Multiple Right Colleges
  • Create a List of Multiple Right Colleges
  • CCHE Index Grid
  • Colleges' Admitted Student Profile
  • Naviance Student - CMHS Admitted Student Profile and Comparisons

College Application Process

  • Know Your Colleges' Deadlines
  • Creating a Common Application Account
  • Requesting Letters of Recommendation Protocols - 3 Weeks!
  • Requesting Transcripts
  • Applying to a college online
  • Document student's college/post-secondary (work, military, gap year, work/training) applications

Financial Aid Education

  • Financial Aid Literacy
  • Financial Aid Vocabulary
  • Financial Aid Process
  • Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF)
  • Scholarship Searches
  • Scholarship Search Documentation