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General Information

World Languages Department Staff
Contact Deborah Abbo  Deborah Abbo (719) 475-6110 ex: 1202 World Languages
Contact Nicole Cammarata  Nicole Cammarata World Languages
Contact Pamela Centeno  Pamela Centeno (719) 475-6110 ex: 1204 World Languages
Contact Erin Jaynes  Erin Jaynes World Languages
Contact Odette Kasal  Odette Kasal French Teacher
Contact Todd Martinson  Todd Martinson Spanish Teacher
Contact Douglas Philipp  Douglas Philipp (719) 475-6110 ex: 1205 World Languages
Contact Sarah Widhalm  Sarah Widhalm (719) 475-6110 ex: 1201 Spanish

The supervising administrator for the World Languages Department is Assistant Principal, Carrie Brenner.

She can be reached by email or by calling 719-475-6110 x1009.

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