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Testing Center Locker

Testing Center General Information

Kelly Geiser

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No Cell Phones-I-pods allowed
No Cell Phones-I-pods allowed

Testing Center

testing center room

(No testing during 4th period/Ms Geisers Lunch)

Please download or email me at with the following information:

  • Students name
  • Subject
  • Date and time they will be taking test
  • type of test (Scantron or other)
  • Any accommodations (ie, breaks, un-timed)
  • Any restrictions/exceptions (no notes, books, calculators)
  • Instructions for where test is to be delivered and by whom when complete

For ACT,  TCAP and other state testing, please notify School Admin as well.

Hours, things to know and Contact Information

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Office Hours:

  •  6:30/6:45am - 3:30/3:45pm
  •  Opening and closing times may vary due to daily appointments
  •  After school tests that require more than 30 minutes must begin promptly at 3:00
  •  Tests requiring more than 45 minutes are made by appt and only with teacher approval
  •  Testing Fridays after 3 by appt only
  •  Lunch 4th period no matter what bell schedule we are on/Testing Center Closed

Contact Information:

I can be reached via voice at:
719-475-6110 x1234

You can also send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name:

The "how to" of studying

Parent Portal Mobile App

campus parent portal icon

This app allows the parent to be instantly notified of grade changes, attendance issues and any missing assignments.

1) Please go to your Application Store from your device. In the Search Engine under Applications, type Campus Portal. Icon should look like the one above.

2) Press Install

3) Once downloaded to your device, open the application and press "settings"

4) You will be prompted to provide your District ID, which is LKBGRC (all CAPS) enter that code and hit next

5) You will be asked to enter your campus portal user name and password.

Once completed, you will now have access to any and all of your students.

Under the setting screen, you can choose to be instantly notified when your student(s) grade changes, attendance issues and assignments updates. The main screen should look like the one above.

Please remember, your Parent Portal account is DIFFERENT than your student(s). If your student(s) have not already set up their campus portal account, their user name is their student ID and their password is First Name Initial, last name Initial and birthday mmddyy .

For Jane Doe birthday July 4, 1998
ex: Username name: 123456
     Password: mmddyy
They will be prompted to change their password after the first successful log in.