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Study Hall/Peer Tutoring Locker
2/2/16 5:40 PM
2/2/16 7:04 PM
2/2/16 7:30 PM
2/2/16 7:52 PM

Study Hall Resources

Checking Grades

Parent Portal/mobile app info

Students and parents can check grades by using either the Infinite Campus Portal.  You can find the web-based Infinite Campus portal by clicking on the following link:  

CMHS Portal

The mobile app is available for Android or Apple iOS and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or the Amazon Marketplace Below

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Amazon Marketplace

Once the mobile app is loaded, each user needs to use their username and password to log in, along with the District ID code:    LKBGRC

Helpful Internet Resources for Studying

Quizlet -- This site allows users to create, find and use resources for any textbook.

Study Stack -- This site allows users to find, create, and use resources for any textbook on any subject.

Wordly Wise 3000 -- This site is the on line English Vocabulary book that our District uses. It has interactive games to help study for upcoming Vocabulary tests.