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Social Studies at CMHS...

The Social Studies Department seeks to develop thoughtful, objective citizens, unimpeded by social and cultural differences, who may contribute to a democratic and global community. The following courses may be used to fulfill the higher education admission requirements for 3 units (6 semesters) of social science, at least one of which must be U.S. History or World Civilization. Courses completed beyond the 3 required units may be used to fulfill the requirement for 2 units (4 semesters) of academic electives.

NOTE: The CMHS graduation requirements are also 3 units/6 semesters , but specifically include a full year of U.S. History, 1 semester of American Government, and 2 semesters of a World History. The remaining 1 semester may be fulfilled by any of the classes in the social studies section.

Course Descriptions