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General Information

Science Department Staff
Contact Joe Bachofen  Joe Bachofen (719) 475-6110 ex: 1109 Math/Science Teacher
Contact Adam Bentson  Adam Bentson Science
Contact Shaun Carmody  Shaun Carmody (719) 475-6110 ex: 1108 Math & Science Teacher / Head Athletic Trainer
Contact Mike Deines  Mike Deines (719) 475-6110 ex: 1126 Science
Contact Nicole Freyschlag  Nicole Freyschlag (719) 475-6110 ex: 1118 Science
Contact Ruth Gibson  Ruth Gibson (719) 475-6110 ex: 1115 Science
Contact Andrew Julian  Andrew Julian Science
Contact Tim Lundt  Tim Lundt (719) 475-6110 ex: 1120 Science/Science Olympiad coach
Contact Maxine M  Maxine M (719) 475-6110 ex: 1145 Science
Contact Beth Mooneyham  Beth Mooneyham (719) 475-6110 ex: 1124 Science
Contact Janie Mueller  Janie Mueller (719) 475-6110 ex: 1116 Science Department Chair
Contact Raphael Sandoval  Raphael Sandoval (719) 475-6110 ex: 1145 Science
Contact Jeffery Scott  Jeffery Scott (719) 475-6110 ex: x1119 Science
Contact Michelle Thiele  Michelle Thiele Science

The supervising administrator for the Science Department is Assistant Principal, Nick Gagliardi.

He can be reached by email or by calling 719-475-6110 ext. 1010

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