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LEAD Program

L.E.A.D Program

(Learning and Educating About Disabilities)

Sponsor: Jeanine Charlton

"We are high school students who have adopted a mission to educate ourselves and others with respect to dealing with the social, academic and emotional aspects of learning disabilities"

What it is :
An educational program for students with learning disabilities.


Former CMHS principal Paul Martin, LEAD director Al
Pocock, and Carolyn Snowbarger with the U.S.
Department of Education

Activities :

  • Host community speakers at our school to further the educational opportunities for ourselves and our peers.
  • Give formal and informal presentations to teachers, students and community in our district to increase their level of understanding and awareness.
  • Provide in service training for new teachers with respect to learning disabilities.
  • Act as a resource to our larger community for information regarding learning disabilities.
  • Develop skills for self-advocating with teachers, fellow students, administrators and the community.
  • Establish 9th grade training program.
  • Conduct mentoring programs for junior and senior high school students with learning disabilities.

Click here to visit the Colorado LEAD Foundation website