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English at CMHS...

At Cheyenne Mountain High School, students learn to read critically and imaginatively, to write cogently in their own voice, and to participate fully in classroom discussion—both by articulating their own thoughts and feelings and by listening to those of their classmates. The basic teaching strategy of the English department is one of critical thinking and active engagement of the students in the learning process.  Cheyenne Mountain High School allows students and teachers to work together on a personal level to achieve the departmental goals by meeting the individual needs of the students.

The English Department prepares students to be informed, discerning, analytical, and enthusiastic readers who write clear, precise, original, and fluent prose. Students participate in a variety of activities and projects to complement their reading and extend their experiences with an understanding of the works they read. In addition to the systematic study of vocabulary and grammar, student work includes analytical and creative writing, informal journal entries, small and large group discussions, dramatic presentations, speeches and oral reports, and debates.

Course Descriptions