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Staff Directory

Contact Deborah Abbo  Deborah Abbo (719) 475-6110 ex: 1202 World Languages
Contact Shannon Adam  Shannon Adam (719) 475-6110 ex: 1402 English
Contact Dave Adams  Dave Adams English
Contact Nikki Athey  Nikki Athey Physical Education
Contact Erik Austin  Erik Austin (719) 475-6110 ex: 1408 English / Yearbook
Contact Joe Bachofen  Joe Bachofen (719) 475-6110 ex: 1109 Math/Science Teacher
Contact Jessica Baltes  Jessica Baltes Bookkeeper
Contact John Battersby  John Battersby (719) 475-6110 ex: 1302 Social Studies
Contact Nicole Beauvais  Nicole Beauvais (719) 475-6110 ex: 1219 Transition Coordinator
Contact Cindy Beggs  Cindy Beggs (719) 475-6110 ex: 1110 Mathematics Department
Contact Kara Beiswanger  Kara Beiswanger (719) 475-6110 ex: 1310 Social Studies
Contact Adam Bentson  Adam Bentson Science
Contact Desiree Bowlby  Desiree Bowlby (719) 475-6155 Counseling Assistant
Contact Carrie Brenner  Carrie Brenner Principal
Contact Kate Bridgman  Kate Bridgman Staff
Contact Kim Bufkin  Kim Bufkin Athletics Assistant
Contact Meg Bunka  Meg Bunka (719) 475-6110 ex: 1208 Academic Intervention
Contact Nicole Cammarata  Nicole Cammarata World Languages
Contact Shaun Carmody  Shaun Carmody (719) 475-6110 ex: 1108 Math & Science Teacher / Head Athletic Trainer
Contact Pamela Centeno  Pamela Centeno (719) 475-6110 ex: 1204 World Languages
Contact Jeanine Charlton  Jeanine Charlton (719) 475-6110 ex: 1218 LEAD/School Psychologist
Contact Elizabeth Cole  Elizabeth Cole Dean of Students
Contact Michelle Deines  Michelle Deines (719) 475-6110 ex: 1503 Physical Education
Contact Mike Deines  Mike Deines (719) 475-6110 ex: 1126 Science
Contact Kristine Dewar  Kristine Dewar Teacher
Contact Samantha Disney-Saxton  Samantha Disney-Saxton (719) 475-6110 ex: 1415 Fine Arts
Contact Elke Donovan  Elke Donovan (719) 475-6110 ex: 1101 Math Teacher
Contact Elgin Fitzgerald  Elgin Fitzgerald (719) 475-6110 ex: 1212 Special Education
Contact Juley Flint  Juley Flint (719) 475-6110 Gifted Education
Contact Gwen French  Gwen French (719) 475-6110 ex: 1112 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Nicole Freyschlag  Nicole Freyschlag (719) 475-6110 ex: 1118 Science
Contact Melissa Frisbie  Melissa Frisbie (719) 475-6110 ex: 1412 English
Contact Nick Gagliardi  Nick Gagliardi Assistant Principal
Contact Kristina Garski  Kristina Garski (719) 475-6110 Math
Contact Kelly Geiser  Kelly Geiser (719) 475-6110 ex: 100 Online/Testing Center Coordinator
Contact Ruth Gibson  Ruth Gibson (719) 475-6110 ex: 1115 Science
Contact Michael Grage  Michael Grage (719) 475-6110 ex: 1308 Social Studies
Contact Sophia Grenier  Sophia Grenier (719) 475-6110 ex: 1307 Social Studies
Contact Kim Guinaugh  Kim Guinaugh (719) 475-6110 ex: 1007 Principal's Administrative Assistant
Contact Sue Hayden  Sue Hayden ex: 1220 Special Education
Contact Ellen Hinckley  Ellen Hinckley Counselor
Contact Emily Hornbuckle  Emily Hornbuckle Math
Contact Lauren Huebsch  Lauren Huebsch (719) 475-6110 ex: 1410 English
Contact Brian Jewell  Brian Jewell Social Studies
Contact Mary Johnson  Mary Johnson Counselor
Contact Leisa Jolstad  Leisa Jolstad (719) 475-6110 ex: 1214 Special Education
Contact Andrew Julian  Andrew Julian Science
Contact Christina Jurekovic  Christina Jurekovic (719) 475-6155 ex: 1020 Counselor
Contact Sam Jurekovic  Sam Jurekovic (719) 475-6110 ex: 1006 Dean of Students
Contact Odette Kasal  Odette Kasal French Teacher
Contact Jeff Kenefsky  Jeff Kenefsky Social Studies
Contact Liz Koop  Liz Koop (719) 475-6110 ex: 1401 English
Contact Stan Lambros  Stan Lambros (719) 475-6155 ex: 1019 Counselor
Contact Larry Lawson  Larry Lawson (719) 475-6110 ex: 152 Social Studies Department Chair
Contact Bobbi Leavens  Bobbi Leavens Graphic Arts
Contact Gayle Littleton  Gayle Littleton (719) 475-6110 ex: 1405 English and Student Council
Contact Tim Lundt  Tim Lundt (719) 475-6110 ex: 1120 Science/Science Olympiad coach
Contact Laura Lyons  Laura Lyons School Nurse
Contact Maxine M  Maxine M (719) 475-6110 ex: 1145 Science
Contact Todd Martinson  Todd Martinson Spanish Teacher
Contact Genice Matzke  Genice Matzke (719) 475-6110 ex: 1527 Band Director
Contact Kate McCall  Kate McCall (719) 475-6110 ex: 1520 Fine Arts
Contact Amy McLaggan  Amy McLaggan (719) 475-6155 ex: 1016 Registrar
Contact Margaret McNelis  Margaret McNelis Athletics Assistant
Contact Kristi McWilliams  Kristi McWilliams (719) 475-6110 ex: 1240 Librarian
Contact Kathryn Moon  Kathryn Moon Social Studies
Contact Beth Mooneyham  Beth Mooneyham (719) 475-6110 ex: 1124 Science
Contact Catherine Moore  Catherine Moore English
Contact Joe Moore  Joe Moore (719) 475-6110 ex: 1114 Math
Contact Janie Mueller  Janie Mueller (719) 475-6110 ex: 1116 Science Department Chair
Contact Kim Newberry  Kim Newberry English
Contact Jeff O'Brien  Jeff O'Brien Video Production
Contact Sean O'Day  Sean O'Day (719) 406-7700 Technology Integration
Contact Mike Paige  Mike Paige Social Studies
Contact Jodi Papproth  Jodi Papproth (719) 475-6110 ex: 1522 Drama
Contact Douglas Philipp  Douglas Philipp (719) 475-6110 ex: 1205 World Languages
Contact Laura Porakova  Laura Porakova ex: 1430 Fine Arts
Contact Melissa Richman  Melissa Richman Special Education Para
Contact Nancy Roach  Nancy Roach Fine Arts
Contact Kara Roberts  Kara Roberts (719) 630-4110 Attendance Secretary
Contact Kris Roberts  Kris Roberts Athletic Director
Contact Susan Roberts  Susan Roberts Physical Education
Contact Willie Roberts  Willie Roberts (719) 475-6110 ex: X1113 Business / DECA Advisor
Contact Kim Sandoval  Kim Sandoval Assistant Principal
Contact Raphael Sandoval  Raphael Sandoval (719) 475-6110 ex: 1145 Science
Contact Jay Saravis  Jay Saravis (719) 475-6110 ex: 1541 Study Hall
Contact Steve Schriener  Steve Schriener (719) 475-6110 ex: 1413 English
Contact Jeffery Scott  Jeffery Scott (719) 475-6110 ex: x1119 Science
Contact Reggie Serna  Reggie Serna Custodian
Contact Susan Sheahan  Susan Sheahan (719) 475-6110 ex: 1241 Media Center Aide
Contact Carrie Shrank  Carrie Shrank (719) 475-6110 ex: 1103 Math
Contact Joe Simonson  Joe Simonson (719) 475-6110 ex: 1102 Math
Contact Angel Smith  Angel Smith College Services Secretary
Contact Barry Smith  Barry Smith Counselor - Class of 2020, Dept. Chair
Contact Mark Swope  Mark Swope Physical Education
Contact Andrea Terrones  Andrea Terrones (719) 475-6110 ex: 1215 Special Education Department Chair
Contact Michelle Thiele  Michelle Thiele Science
Contact Victoria Thompson  Victoria Thompson (719) 630-5031 College Counselor
Contact Roger Villmow  Roger Villmow (719) 475-6110 ex: 1111 Math
Contact Ian Wagner  Ian Wagner (719) 475-6110 ex: 1106 Mathematics Educator
Contact William Walsh  William Walsh School Resource Officer
Contact Wendy Waters  Wendy Waters Math
Contact Karin Wayne  Karin Wayne (719) 475-6110 ex: 1000 Receptionist
Contact Sarah Wells  Sarah Wells (719) 227-7665 Aquatics Manager
Contact Sarah Widhalm  Sarah Widhalm (719) 475-6110 ex: 1201 Spanish
Contact Kim Will  Kim Will English
Contact Fran Williams  Fran Williams Secretary (Guidance)
Contact Sara Wilson  Sara Wilson (719) 475-6100 ex: 1409 English
Contact Janna Winkle  Janna Winkle (719) 475-6110 ex: 1411 English
Contact Dawn Wisdom  Dawn Wisdom Vocal Music
Contact Leslie Wolken  Leslie Wolken (719) 475-6110 ex: 1213 Special Education
Contact Connie Woolley  Connie Woolley (719) 475-6110 ex: 1107 Math Department Chair
Contact W. Joel Zuckerman  W. Joel Zuckerman (719) 475-6110 ex: 1301 Social Studies

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