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Play NAIA College Athletics

In order to be eligible to play NAIA athletics, students must register at the NAIA Eligibility Center.  The NAIA Center is the official clearinghouse for NAIA eligibility. Every student-athlete must register with the NAIA eligibility center to play sports at an NAIA college. The eligibility center is also a powerful tool to help athletes connect with coaches and NAIA schools - and find money for college through thousands of NAIA athletic scholarships.


NAIA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Download the NAIA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athletehere.  Every student interested in playing sports at NAIA colleges for the first time needs to register online with the NAIA Eligibility Center. This applies to high school seniors and transfers from both two- and four-year colleges.  The NAIA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete will provide you with information about how to create a personal profile with the basic facts about your academic history and sports participation to date, register with the NAIA Eligibility Center, and send transcripts.