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The CMHS Curriculum and Registration Guide includes information regarding academic policy guidelines, graduation requirements, course videos and details, and more.

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2022-2023 Curriculum & Course Registration Guide

Credit Check Worksheet outlining Graduation Credits Requirements

  CMHS Menu of Graduation Guidelines Requirements (explanation below)

Colorado Admissions Standards (HEAR)



Use the Credit Check Worksheet to audit your progress towards meeting CMHS graduation credits requirements. Simply obtain your transcript from the parent/student portal (Parent Portal) and place an "X" in each box for which you received a credit. You may also like to use this form to plan out your future!

Credit Check Worksheet outlining CMHS Graduation Credits Requirements


Within a week of the conclusion of each semester Cheyenne Mountain student transcripts are updated to reflect the most recently completed semester coursework. Transcripts must be an accurate record of coursework each student takes while in high school, and they are to reflect grades earned, grade point averages, and class rank. Also, by Colorado law, transcripts must report each student's Colorado SAT scores completed during high school.

Each year, as part of the Counseling department's implementation of Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPS), Counselors review with students the high school graduation and state of Colorado college and university admissions requirements, and then ask students to be responsible for auditing their own transcripts.

Counselors would like to promote shared responsibility for the tracking of credits with students and families. To enable this, parents/guardians will find your student's transcript via the Parent Portal. Under your student's name, click on "Reports," then choose "Portal Transcript." If you are unable to access the Parent Portal, please email the help desk, which is at [email protected]. To assist you with auditing the transcript, the Credit Check Worksheet can be found on our school website at:

Credit Check Worksheet outlining CMHS Graduation Credits Requirements 

You will also find below the Menu of Graduation Guidelines. The State of Colorado now requires students to demonstrate mastery in English and Math, and CMSD12 accepts multiple types of mastery demonstration to meet this requirement. Please view the options here:

CMHS Menu of Graduation Guidelines Requirements

Please take time to review these documents and check your transcript's accuracy of grades and credits. Note that CMHS reports both an unweighted and a weighted grade point average. Only students who have completed Advanced Placement courses will notice a difference between the two.

Parents and students are responsible for researching college admissions requirements both in Colorado and nationally and college-bound athletes are responsible for understanding the scholarship eligibility requirements for NCAA athletics. Additional resources you may wish to help in evaluating your student's preparedness for college admissions and NCAA Eligibility can be found at:

Colorado Admissions Standards (HEAR) 

NCAA Eligibility Center

Should you have any questions, please contact the CMHS Counseling Office at 475-6155.


Pikes Peak Community College's  Career Start /AVP (Area Vocational Program)

Career Start at Pikes Peak Community College provides occupational skill development and training for junior and senior high school students from all over the Pikes Peak region. School districts pay the cost of the program through a contractual agreement with Pikes Peak Community College. Students attending Career Start earn credit, which can be applied toward high school graduation. Under certain circumstances, and at the instructors' discretion, college credit can also be earned which may be applied to a post-secondary certificate or degree. In addition to teaching occupational and technical skills, Career Start strives to prepare students for the world of work by teaching the related academics and workplace basics that are essential for employment.

Classes follow a typical 5-days-per-week schedule and run two hours and forty five minutes daily. Students may enroll in either a morning or an afternoon session (limited programs). Many programs offer a second year program. College credit earned during enrollment in the Career Start relates directly to the post-secondary sequence of courses.

Instruction is provided in classrooms, laboratories, and in business and industry. In most programs, only Career Start students are enrolled; in others, they learn side-by-side with college students. All instructors in the Career Start are occupationally experienced and vocationally credentialed.

More Information:

PPCC Career Start Programs


Colorado high school students can find information about how to earn college credit while they are still in high school on a website created by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.  Click here to access the CDE Concurrent Enrollment Website.

Please see CMHS' CU Succeed website for information on CMHS' current offerings.

View the Spring 2022 AP/CU Succeed Information Night presentation and review the AP/CU Succeed Resources List  for even more information.

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