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College Bound Athlete

CMHS Men's Golf

Coaching Staff

Head Coach:  John Carricato

Assistant Coaches: Stan Stevens, Bradley Zampich, Ann Finke

A team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 16 starting at 4 PM.  Location is the Lake View Terrace at CCC.  Lake View is located on the second floor above the golf shop.  Enter the golf shop, next to the counter is a flight of stairs which takes you to the room.  


The meeting agenda is introductions, overview of the season, team expectations  and Q&A.  

Completely understand if you are unable to attend.  You are always welcome to contact me directly via email, phone call or text throughout the season.  719 231-3334.  


If you are aware of anyone interested in playing and is not on the list, please share the information.

Posted 7/14/19