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Extracurricular Activities


80% of the CMHS Student Body Participates in Extra-Curricular Activities. Information about athetics can be found in the Athletics section of the website. Listed below is information regarding other Clubs and Activities at CMHS.

Download the Student Activities Guide

Clubs, Activities and Sports


The courses listed below are also described in the CMHS Course Description booklet. These courses are for credit and are held during the school day. Please see the course description booklet for further information and additional courses available at the high school.


Athletic Trainers    Faculty Contact: Shaun Carmody    Send email to Shaun Carmody

The Athletic Training Program teaches students to recognize, treat, prevent and rehabilitate athletic injuries. It is open to sophomore, junior, or senior students who desire to pursue a career in a medically related field. They meet last period, after school, and whenever a CMHS practice or game is occurring. There are no fees. Open House occurs during the first week in October. Athletic trainers attend every game for CMHS athletics.


Bands    Faculty Contact: Jack Yonce    Send email to Jack Yonce

Please refer to the CMHS course description booklet for a listing of each band program.

Choirs   Faculty Contact: Dawn Wisdom    Send email to Dawn Wisdom

Please refer to the CMHS course description booklet for a listing of each choir program.


Junior Class Student Council    Faculty Contact: Renee Cockrell     Send email to Renee Cockrell

Assists in school activities, school improvement and participates as a liaison with administration. In order to be eligible for student council students must have a 2.5 grade point average, be elected for a cabinet position or interview in as a member. The junior student council cabinet is elected by the entire student body and staff in the spring.  Class Officers are elected by members of the junior class in a separate election.  The Cabinet, President and Vice-President of the class of the interviewee conduct interviews the second week of school.  Students meet daily during the school day.  Activities include involvement in the community, fund raising, talent shows, Homecoming, assemblies, EPYCS (El Pomar Youth Community Service) and Senior Day. Information in regards to Student Council activities can be found in Smoke Signals and in the Cheyenne Edition.


Junior Class Prom/Kiva Committee    Faculty Contact: Renee Cockrell     Send email to Renee Cockrell  

The majority of this committee will be Student Council elect. The Prom committee designs the theme, floor plan, decorations, music, photography, time and place of prom. This committee will also be in charge of Kiva Dinner, in which they will design the place, time, slide show, entertainment, food menu, invitations, tickets, artwork and speaker of the Kiva program. This is a dinner designed to give the outgoing seniors an honorable formal dinner.


Newspaper-Chieftain    Faculty Contact: Charity Grauberger     Send email to Charity Grauberger

Newspaper I is an entry-level course designed to give students interested in newspaper an overview of the different types of journalistic writing and knowledge of publications production. During the course, students will gain skills necessary in communicating in the print media today with emphasis on writing, but including interviewing, observing, reporting, reacting and synthesizing. They will become intelligent consumers of the mass media and will have the opportunity to discover and explore the various forms of writing utilized in journalism. Students will also understand and accept the legal, moral and ethical responsibilities inherent in a free press and will learn the copy rules and tools necessary for preparation of copy for newspapers and magazines. Students will also be exposed to various computer programs- Photoshop, InDesign- so that they may present their writing in an attractive, inviting manner, including headlines, graphics and photography.


Science Olympiad    Faculty Contact: Meghann Loseke     Send email to Meghann Loseke

The Science Olympiad Team gives students the opportunity to study science and engineering outside of the regular school curriculum. Students prepare for regional, state, and national Science Olympiad competitions. Eligibility is determined by: 1) academic performance (B average in science class(es) and C average in all classes)*  2) participation in extracurricular meetings and events throughout the school year.

Ninth graders concurrently enrolled in biology, and tenth through twelfth graders may be enrolled in the Science Olympiad class which meets daily during  7th hour throughout the school year.  Students prepare for competition in science through study, research, and designing and constructing devices.

* AP class grades are an exception.


Student Council    Faculty Contact: Meg Fredrick     Send email to Meg Fredrick

Student Council assists in school activities, school improvement and community service. Activities include involvement in the community, Harvest of Love Food Drive, fundraising, talent shows, Homecoming, Prom, Kiva, assemblies and Senior Day. Additionally, the council acts as a liaison with administration, school board and PTO. Student Council is a class, and students meet daily during the school week. In order to be eligible for student council, students must have a 2.8 grade point average, be elected for a cabinet position, or interview in as a member. The student council cabinet is elected by the entire student body and staff in the spring. Class Officers are elected by members of their class.  The Advisor, Cabinet, President, and Vice-President of the class of the interviewee conduct interviews the second week of school. Any student interested in volunteering to help with any activities may do so without taking the class or being a member. Information in regards to Student Council activities can be found on the High School website and in the Cheyenne Edition.


Yearbook    Faculty Contact: Erik Austin     Send email to Erik Austin

Class serves as staffing for the PowWow, the school yearbook. Students are selected for the class based on application, recommendations and a spring interview. Students meet during the school day Monday- Friday. The staff coordinates creative production, promotion, sale and distribution of the yearbook.

Clubs and Activities

Cine Club    Faculty Contact: Pamela Centeno     Send email to Pamela Centeno

Cine Club is an opportunity for advanced Spanish students to learn about the culture and language of the Hispanic world outside of the classroom. Foreign flicks and food are the highlights of the get togethers and are generally held on Sunday afternoons every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the school year. Events will be announced in advanced Spanish classes and held in room 112. If interested in participating, please see Ms Centeno.


Cycling Club    Advisors: Barry Smith    Send email to Barry Smith

The Cheyenne Mountain Cycling Club is primarily a mountain biking club open to all high school students. The club organizes rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from August into November, and March through May. Riders of all experience levels are welcome. This fall, the high school riders are eligible to participate for the fourth running of the NICA sponsored Colorado Cycling League’s statewide race series. For 2013, races take place on September 8, September 22, October 6, and October 20 (State Championship). Short, fun rides are scheduled and led by adult riders, while advanced riders may ride for 1 or 2 hours after school on the trails behind CMHS. All year we will offer opportunities for fitness, skills training, bike maintenance clinics and camaraderie. Advisor:  Barry Smith, High School Counselor. There is an annual fee of $50, with additional costs for high school racing team members .

DECA    Faculty Contact: Willie Roberts     Send email to Willie Roberts

DECA is an Association of Marketing Students, organized to teach members business skills, gain industry experience, make industry contacts, and serve the community. Students must enroll in Marketing I or II to participate. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students may enroll in Marketing with advisor approval. Students must pay an initial $50 fee, to cover National DECA membership fees.

Students may compete in three competitions: Local, State, and National. Students who enter the state competition may spend two nights at the Broadmoor Hotel in February. These two nights are filled with fun activities. National competitors will spend up to five days in locations throughout the United States.


Drama Club    Faculty Contact: Jodi Papproth     Send email to Jodi Papproth

The Drama Club is a social club open to any and every Cheyenne Mt. HS Student that loves theater and wants to support it at their school, other schools, in the community and elsewhere. Drama Club meets every Thursday in the Black Box Theater during 2nd lunch. The Drama Club members attend play performances in the community and in Denver, attend Theater Festivals both in state and out of state, and organize events such as The Annual Coffee House & Open Mic Night and Drama Awards Night.

Officers have established relationships with our Jr. High by offering a Jr. High Drama Day Camp in October, as well as the Zeb Pike Youth Center organizing performances for incarcerated youth.  Drama Club has created travel opportunities for the club members to see theatre in New York and has played host to many guest speakers and artists to share their talent, work and experience with Cheyenne students.  Drama Club creates fund raisers for the CMHS Drama Department and ushers the CMHS theatrical events (including refreshments at intermission, handing out programs and tearing tickets.)  Drama Club prides itself on seeing at least one play a month outside of our own high school, as well as finding new and fun ways for students to meet new people, be creative and participate in their school and community.


Eco-Defense    Faculty Contact: To Be Announced

Our mission is to educate Cheyenne Mountain High School to be more eco-friendly. We are striving to make our community a cleaner and greener place. Eco-defense is open to anyone and meets every Thursday in room 102 at 3:00pm. Lets GO GREEN Cheyenne!


French Club    Faculty Contact: Jaime Rice & Peggy Veal     Send email to Jaime Rice     Send email to Peggy Veal

At CMHS our French club is called “Société Honoraire de Français” (SHF).  The aim of the organization will be to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of Scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone culture and civilization, to promote and perpetuate international friendship and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French speaking world.

Student members of the organization will be selected by the CMHS Faculty members in French (Ms. Veal and Ms. Rice).  Membership shall be based on:
- Scholarship in general and scholarship in French in particular.
- Leadership in French activities and interest.

Membership shall be restricted to those students actively engaged in the study of French at a secondary level. Candidates must be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, and must be enrolled in the fourth semester of French or higher (exception is made for 9th graders who meet the prior requirements because of work at the Junior High level).

General eligibility requirements are to be met by all students.  Candidates must have maintained an A- average or higher in French during the semester of selection, and average cumulative grade of A- or higher in French.  Candidates must have maintained a B- average or higher in all other subjects during the semester of selection. French may not be used to calculate this average.  Application for membership may be obtained from Peggy Veal’s website

The Student membership fee in the SHF, payable at the time of initiation, is $5. This fee is payable only once, and the initiate remains a member of the SHF as long as he/she is a secondary school student.


Interact     Faculty Contact: Carrie Burke    Send email to Carrie Burke

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18.  Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting. Both boys and girls are invited to join.  There will be two community service projects completed during the school year, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill.  Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs. You will learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work, and advancing international understanding and goodwill.  Meeting dates have not yet been established.


German Club    Faculty Contact: Douglas Philipp & Deborah Abbo    

                           Send email to Douglas Philipp     Send email to Deborah Abbo

German Club meets at least once a month room 107. Meetings are announced in advance and more than one meeting a month may be held. The goal of the German Club is to enhance the understanding of the German culture and to provide a venue for students to interact with each other while enhancing their knowledge of things German.


National Honor Society    Faculty Contact: Douglas Philipp & Angela Bohcali    

                                            Send email to Douglas Philipp      Send email to Angela Bohcali  

The National Honor Society promotes and recognizes accomplishments in scholarship, character, leadership and service. Juniors are eligible who have a grade point average of a weighted 3.8 or 3.65 unweighted. Students must also demonstrate strength of character, strong leadership skills and be committed to academic community service work. The National Honor Society meets at least once a month. There is a $20 fee for supplies, and students must show evidence of 20 hours of community service since the end of the sophomore year. Many of the activities for NHS are based on academic service, such as tutoring. Applications are available during the spring semester of a student's junior year and eligible juniors must apply at that time. Induction is late April/early May prior to a student's senior year. Only students whose grade point averages improve by the autumn of their senior year are eligible to apply for membership in the senior year.


Equestrian Team    Faculty Contact: Ruth Gibson     Send email to Ruth Gibson

The Cheyenne Mountain Equestrian Team competes in Zone 8 of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) with both high school and middle school teams.  The purpose of this club team is to provide an opportunity for Cheyenne Mountain area equestrians to compete for the school in sanctioned events, as well as to prepare for the intercollegiate equestrian competitions.  Riders compete in Hunt Seat Equitation, both in flat classes and in jumping, but the big challenge exists in that they are not riding their own horse.  Horses are drawn from a set of experienced school horses at the start of the competition and the rider must demonstrate their ability to work with this particular horse.

During the school year (fall, winter and spring), we compete at 5 IEA sponsored shows in an attempt to qualify for the Zone 8 Finals and then National IEA Finals.  Competition in Colorado is with about 10 teams, such as Fountain Valley, Lewis Palmer, Cottonwood Riding Club and many more.

Our coach is Tracey Powers, based out of the M&M Ranch in Fountain, CO and the school sponsor is Mrs. Ruth Gibson.  To find out more please visit the IEA website at and contact Tracey Powers at 332-4256 or Mrs. Gibson at 475-6110, Ext. 178.


Speech and Debate    Faculty Contact: Liz Koop & Seth Hughes     Send email to Liz Koop

The CMHS Speech and Debate Team focus is on developing oral communication, reasoning, and speaking skills. All students may participate. While students may take the class as an elective, they will also meet at least once a week after school and participate in meets on Saturdays. There is a $35 fee. Students compete in oral interpretation events including humor, original oratory, and drama. Students compete in debate events including Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Student Congress, and policy debates.


(STAH) Community Service    Faculty Contact:  Carrie Burke     Send email to Carrie Burke

Students and Teachers Aiding Humanity (STAH) provides opportunities for students and teachers to aid humanity through community service. It is open to all. There are biweekly meetings in room 19. There are no fees. Students can earn a letter with 100 hours of service that include 12 hours contributed through STAH organized activities. STAH activities include Senior Aid Day (lawn and house care for elderly in the community), Trick or Treat for canned goods, Toy Drive for One Nation Walking Together, and Cheyenne Canyon cleanup and maintenance.

Thespians    Faculty Contact: Jodi Papproth      Send email to Jodi Papproth

Thespians are an international honorary society for students that participate in their high school theater program. The Cheyenne Mt. HS Thespian Troupe #3811 does not have a specific meeting time, but many Thespians choose to participate with CMHS Drama Club and attend festivals and play performances with Drama Club Members. In order to become a Thespian, students must acquire 10 points, which is equal to about 100 hours of service to their school's Theater program. Points are determined by a scale created by ITS (Int'l Thespian Society) and coincide with size/length of play production, size of role, leadership positions for crews etc. Students acquire points by performing in Cheyenne productions, technical theater work on Cheyenne productions (lights, sound, costumes etc.) and through participation with some CMHS Drama Club activities, (ushering, attending festivals and workshops, attending shows at other high schools, etc.). Students are inducted into the Troupe each May at the Drama Awards ceremony and remain lifelong members of the Thespian Organization. Students may continue to earn points for various titles (Honor Thespian) and are eligible to audition for colleges and scholarships at Thespian Festivals at the state and national level. Thespians are often able to attend other High School productions for free by showing their Thespian Badge/ID Card.


Cheerleading  (Year-round)    Coach: Amanda Braisel    Link to Cheerleading page in Athletics

The CMHS Cheerleaders are spirit ambassadors. They cheer for fall and winter sports, including football, basketball, and support many other teams throughout the year. Try- outs are in April for the following school year and are open to both girls and boys. Practice begins in the summer and continues through winter sports. Cheerleaders attend a three day camp and perform in state competition in December. Requirements in cheer, dance, and jump ability, as well as enthusiasm are expected. People with tumbling experience are wanted. Cheer leading is open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.


Cross Country  (Boys & Girls -- Fall)    Coach: Stan Lambros    Link to Cross Country page in Athletics

Students who are considering cross-country must have a commitment to running. The team practices every day after school from 3:30-5:45 pm. and Saturday mornings. Meets are Thursday or Friday after school and Saturdays. Good running shoes are needed. Students interested in fitness training for winter or spring sports are welcome to join the Cross Country Team in preparation for their upcoming season.


Field Hockey  (Girls -- Fall)    Interim Varsity HeadCoach:  Paula Rizzi    Link to Field Hockey page in Athletics

 Field Hockey has two squads, Varsity and Junior Varsity. There is a no-cut policy. Practice/games occur Monday through Friday, with occasional Saturdays, until November 15th.


Football  (Boys -- Fall)     Coach: Willie Roberts    Link to Football page in Athletics

Try-outs and practice are held during the first week of August. There are three levels: C- team, JV and varsity. There are no special requirements, but being involved in the summer weight program is a must. There are also several camps provided throughout the summer months. Visit CMSD Athletics homepage for more information and calendars.


Golf  (Boys -- Fall)    Coach: Bill Paulson    Link to Boys Golf page in Athletics

Tryouts for the boy’s team will vary on the courses used. The format will be announced at the May meeting. The low 16 scores for the tournament make the team. Students need to attend two meetings prior to try-outs, one in May before school is out and one in August before try-outs. Once the team is determined, practice is after school at the Country Club of Colorado.


Soccer  (Boys -- Fall)    Coach: Tomas Martinez    Link to Boys Soccer page in Athletics

Boy's soccer practices daily from 3:30-5:15 pm during the week and on Saturday mornings. Varsity games are usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, often at 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm. Summer options include informal workouts, Welsh camp for grades 9-12, and the Mountain Soccer Academy for grades 1-8.


Softball  (Girls -- Fall)    Coach: Mike Simon    Link to Girls Softball page in Athletics

JV coach: Tom Joerger, Asst. Coach: Dan Gleason, Pitching Coach: Natalie Ford Softball practice times are 3:30-5:30 pm daily. Games are held at 4 pm on scheduled days. There are three levels: freshmen, JV and varsity. Uniforms, balls, bats and helmets are provided. Students need to provide their own cleats. Summer teams are available.


Tennis  (Boys -- Fall)    Coach: Dave Adams    Link to Boys Tennis page in Athletics

Tennis practice times are each day after school to 5:00 or 5:30 pm Games are after school and Saturdays. Students must provide their own rackets. During the summer there is a Nike tennis camp and tournament play. Parents who are interested in their children playing tennis should have all necessary forms, including a physical exam form completed by a physician, turned in by August 1. The first practice is usually around August 13th. All forms must be completed and turned into the athletics office before a student can participate in practice.


Volleyball  (Girls -- Fall)    Coach: David Barkley    Link to Girls Volleyball page in Athletics

The volleyball program is a highly competitive program with teams on three levels: C- Team, JV, and Varsity. There are required practices on a daily basis. Almost all practices occur from 3:30 until 5:30. Uniforms will be provided.


Basketball  (Boys & Girls -- Winter)    Boys Coach: J’on St.Clair    Girls Coach: Mike Armentrout

Link to Boys Basketball page in Athletics      Link to Girls Basketball page in Athletics

Boys and girls interested in playing basketball must contact their respective head coach before try-outs to determine paperwork that they need to participate. Try-outs are held in November. Each student will have 2-3 practice sessions in order to be evaluated. Students who are not playing a fall sport are encouraged to participate in the pre-season fundamentals open gym program. All potential participants are strongly encouraged to take a strength and conditioning program throughout the school year. Academic progress will be monitored. There are three levels: freshmen (or C squad), JV and varsity. Being involved in the summer program is highly recommended. There are several tournaments and team camps provided throughout the summer months.


Ice Hockey  (Boys -- Winter)    Coach: Erik Austin    Link to Boys Hockey page in Athletics

Try-outs are held in November. Hockey is a cut sport. Players will be evaluated for two sessions before the team is named. Students who are not playing a fall sport are encouraged to participate in pre-season open ice and workouts. The hockey program supports all students interested in a double roster spot with a club team. All potential participants are strongly encouraged to take the strength and conditioning program throughout the school year. Academic progress will be monitored. The team will practice five times a week and play a 19 game varsity regular season schedule. (Fee is $150)


Swimming & Diving  (Girls -- Winter)    Swim Coach: Kate Doane    Diving Coach:  TBA   

Link to Girls Swimming & Diving Page in Athletics

The season begins Friday, November 13, at 3:10 pm. Practices are Monday through Friday 3:10-5:30 pm and Saturday mornings 8:00 to 10:00 am.  JV practice times may differ due to pool space.  Dual meet times are 4:00 to 6:00 during the week.  Invitationals. League and state times are usually Friday afternoons and all day Saturday.


Wrestling  (Boys -- Winter)    Coach: Pat Engleright    Link to Boys Wrestling page in Athletics

There will be no try-out dates or cuts. Practices are Monday – Friday, 3:15 – 5:15 pm; Saturday practices will be announced. Weekly Duals will most often occur on Wednesdays. There might be a few Friday duals this year, so please make sure to check the schedule located on the CMHS website. Wrestlers will attend tournaments every Saturday starting in December and ending in February.  We will not compete the weekend before finals.  Our regional Qualifying Tournament is in Pueblo. The Colorado State Wrestling Tournament will be held at the Pepsi Center in Denver.


Baseball  (Boys -- Spring)    Coach: Mark Swope    Link to Boys Baseball page in Athletics

Try-outs are held in February.  Practice times are 3:30-5:30 pm daily.  Games are held at 4 pm. on scheduled days. There are three levels: freshmen, JV, and varsity. Uniforms, balls, and helmets are provided. Students/players are responsible for providing their own glove, bat (BBCOR certified) and cleats. Summer baseball is also offered.


Golf  (Girls -- Spring)    Coach: Bill Paulson    Link to Girls Golf page in Athletics

The season begins in early March. Try-out dates and procedures will be announced, as will practice times and additional information.


Lacrosse  (Boys -- Spring)    Coach: Mike Paige    Link to Boys Lacrosse page in Athletics

Try-outs are held in February. Practice times are 3:30-5:30 pm. daily. There are three levels: freshmen, JV, and varsity. Athletes must provide sticks, mouth guard, helmet, gloves, shoulder and rib guards, and cleats. Fall ball and winter ball opportunities are available.


Lacrosse  (Girls -- Spring)     Coach: TBA     Link to Girls Lacrosse page in Athletics

We have both a JV and Varsity program. Practice is held everyday from 3:30 to 6:30 at the upper fields or stadium field at Cheyenne Mountain HS. Home games are held in the stadium at Cheyenne. Athletes must provide stick, mouth guard, goggles, cleats or sneakers. If a student is new to the sport, a stick and goggles can be provided. Fall ball and winter ball opportunities are available.


Soccer  (Girls -- Spring)    Coach: Tomas Martinez    Link to Girls Soccer page in Athletics

Girls’ soccer practices daily from 3:30-5:15 pm during the week and on  Saturday mornings. Varsity games are usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, often at 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm.  Summer options include informal workouts, Welsh camp for grades 9-12, and the Mountain Soccer Academy for grades 1-8.


Swimming & Diving  (Boys -- Spring)    Swim Coach: Kate Doane      Diving Coach: TBA

Link to Girls Swimming & Diving page in Athletics

The Season begins on February 24 at 3:10 pm. Practices are Monday through Friday 3:10-5:30 pm and Saturday mornings 8:00 to 10:00 am. Dual meet times are 4:00 to 6:00 during the week.  Invitationals. League and State times are usually Friday afternoons and all day Saturday.


Tennis  (Girls -- Spring)    Coach: Dave Adams    Link to Girls Tennis page in Athletics

Try-out dates and daily practice times will be announced at a later date, but typically the first date of practice is February 20. Students must have all necessary paperwork turned in, including a completed physical form signed by a physician in order to participate in the first practice. Practices typically run after school until 5:15 or 5:30. Matches are after school and on Saturdays. There will be a C, JV and varsity teams. Students need to provide their own rackets.


Track  (Boys & Girls -- Spring)    Coach: Stan Lambros   

Link to Boys Track page in Athletics      Link to Girls Track page in Athletics

The track program is open to any CMHS student. There will be a try out process. No experience is necessary, just a good attitude and willingness to improve. There is a limit to the number of participants that can run in some meets. All track athletes will have an opportunity to participate in meets. Novice and experienced athletes are welcomed. Practice time is generally 3:15-5:15 pm. No equipment is needed, just a good attitude and persistence! Events include: sprints, middle distance, distance, relays, hurdles, high/long/triple jumps, shot and disc throws. Meet dates have yet to be determined.

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